Today, January 13, maybe we should be higher, but for some reason we are not, surely we have not been smart enough or effective enough on Annapurna 8091mt. Why? Because we have reached Camp 3 three times, and we will not do it any more times. In spring, Annapurna is usually climbed with a single rotation to reach the summit, and two of us have even climbed the great Colouir four times.

Why are we talking about the great Colouir? To get an idea, it is one of the most dangerous and crazy places you can imagine, if an avalanche catches you, it releases shrapnel in blocks of ice of different sizes, bigger than a car. That wipes you off the face of the earth ipso facto, we have taken too many risks already, one thing is that it catches me, but not my companions. This time I got off doubly (two avalanches almost made us stop breathing). The Annapurna has told us enough, we have tried, we have the strength and desire, but maybe I lack hunger for the summit, to get 1 year ago the summit of Manaslu, probably we lack hunger for the summit, but as I said, one thing is that all those present are mainly here for me, and if I go, nothing happens, another thing is that they go, that is not a good person to satiate our ego of summit.

We fought for it, we carried everything ourselves, we equipped everything ourselves. I made a mistake by myself and we all got up. I think that to stay would be reckless given the exceptionally good conditions, but at the same time so compromising and risky. Annapurna is in constant transformation, and it is so bare, which makes it a fragile and threatening mountain wherever we pass. In addition, the sky, except for the last two days does not stop roaring, I can not afford to expose more to my companions and so after talking and meditating all morning, we decided to give a yes to life guaranteed, and leaving behind our pretensions to continue trying.

Special thanks to all my colleagues, Chhepal, Magkpa, Ang-gyalu, Mayla, MigTemba, Lakpa, Tashi, Moeses, Mattia, Eneko, Andres, 7summits staff, we have suffered and also enjoyed, to those who have followed us and to sponsors and friends.

Graccie mile, obrigado , eskerrik  asko, gracias, dhan’yavāda