It has snowed as only here is usually seen. In just 36 hours we have found more than two meters of snow at base camp. It started snowing and hasn’t stopped in three days. A pity, because we return to the starting box. It is time to reorganize the base camp, reopen the track and place bamboos, but we were aware that this could happen. There is no other choice but to smile, roll up your sleeves and keep working hard.

We were progressing at a very good pace. In fact, in just five days we had practically managed to ascend to C2. Iñaki and I were carrying up material when the snow began to fall. I decided to go back to BC that same night but Iñaki rested and came down next morning. It was a jug of cold water but the weather forecast, which marked snow, came true and we had to shovel snow for many hours.

Luckily BC was prepared for a situation of these characteristics. I always say that organizing it well is one of the keys to the success of an expedition, because you never know what can happen. We must be ready for strong winds or heavy snowfalls like the one that has fallen on us.

Of course, the tents resisted phenomenally. It is also true that you cannot sit idly by waiting for the storm to finish. You have to take the shovel and start removing kilos of snow. This is how we have been for almost 3 full days. We took a good beating

But it seems that the sun finally shines. After the storm we have some calm. It is time to put everything back together, reset what is our house and, when we do, look up. A lot of snow has fallen and we don’t know the way the route will be. What we are sure of is that it will be much worse than a week ago and this will complicate everything a lot. But climbing Manaslu in winter is tough, very tough, and we have to prepare for it. We are really looking forward to it. This has just started and I hope to be back with good news in a few days.