An almost sustainable expedition is possible. We are doing it and, the truth is, it makes me tremendously proud. Seeing how all the electrical devices in the kitchen or the rest of the domes work thanks to solar energy comforts you. Our footprint will be minimal. In addition, there are times when we even have energy left over and we can share it with other tents. It’s amazing.

Just ten years ago this would have been impossible. I believe that it can mark the way forward for future expeditions like ours. Being sustainable is possible and we have an obligation to follow that path. We owe it to these mountains that have given us so much. It is a step that all of us must take.

Working without generators or battery-operated light bulbs is also very comfortable. Ask Eneko, who no longer has to care the diesel to avoid running out of power while preparing the daily meal. Or talk to Sendoa, which recharges all his cameras and computers with power generated by the sun. I would say that we are one of the first expeditions that have energy 24 hours a day in base camp thanks to the sunlight.

All the electrical devices that we use are charged thanks to the plates that FundaciĆ³n Eki has given us and the essential help of the Basque Energy Agency, which has contributed a lot to make all of this possible. Thanks for your help. Without a doubt, what we are achieving here is a milestone and we are doing it thanks to you. Eskerrik asko!