It has not been, far from it, the expedition we had in mind. If when our adventure began, on that distant December 13, someone had asked us what we expected from Manaslu 2022, none of us would have been able to foresee what we have experienced: two months of extremely intense snowfalls in which more than 4 meters of snow have accumulated and none good weather window. Simply, it has been impossible to even try. The mountain has not given us half a chance

When you prepare an expedition of these characteristics you try to put yourself in all possible situations. Of course, the one over all is to see you fulfilling the objective, but it is not, far from it, the only one or the most important. What we all hope for is to return home safe and sound and that, fortunately, we have achieved. At no time have we put our lives in danger.

Now, the fact that Manaslu did not open its doors to us at any time did not enter into any of our plans. We haven’t had a single week of steady weather! It is true that our expeditions are carried out in winter and that the chances of snowfall and strong winds are higher compared to those that may occur in spring or summer. But this year has been crazy. When I will look back a few years from now and will remember this expedition, the first image to my mind will be the entire team shoveling snow non-stop trying to protect the base camp. We have had days where we have spent more than 16 hours shoveling snow without stopping. A crazy job that has not been rewarded

I have tried to see things from the positive side at all times. I wanted to believe that if we had had a very rainy January, February would be different. But it has not been that way. We have barely been able to climb a little higher than C1, at 6,500 meters. I do not mean to say that in two weeks of good weather we would have made it. You never know this. But we haven’t even had the opportunity to play the game!

I will not deny it. We come back frustrated. Moving everything we have moved to come here and find this has not been a good deal. We can’t do much more either. These are elements that we do not control. What I am proud of is having made the right decisions at certain times. What has been in our hands we have managed well. For example, what happened at the end of January. Seeing the amount of snow that was falling and after analyzing the risk of avalanches, we decided that the best thing for the safety of the group was to go down to Samagaun, the last village before reaching base camp. We went looking for shelter. A day later an avalanche took away part of the camp. We were not wrong. The mountain was very dangerous.

It has been two long months, during them we have tried to do everything possible. Finally, I would like to thank all the people who have encouraged me during these weeks. Your warmth has reached Nepal. Of course, I don’t want to forget my collaborators and sponsors. Without you this would have been impossible. Finally, I would also like to thank Iñaki Álvarez and Iker Mediavilla, who have worked very hard and who have helped me a lot. And, of course, Eneko Garamendi and Sendoa Elejalde, who gave a lot to the expedition. Maybe next time. The mountains will still be there waiting for us.