As you know, in our expeditions, in addition to working hard in high altitude rotations, we also collaborate in development of environmental, technological, social projects … In this case I want to tell you about the drones 3D reconstruction work done at #ManasluEki BC. A project we carried out with Drone by Drone, the first drone operating company authorized by the State Agency for Aviation Safety in Euskadi, and that, thanks to the use of UAS for monitoring, study interesting situations for the safe development and sustainable expeditions like the ones we carry out. Nothing is like teaming up with people from home and experts in their own business; thanks to them we have been able to share with you on my RRSS channels some very cool aerial images training in Gorbeia area and now a very special project in Manaslu.

The #ManasluEki BC 3D reconstruction project by drones has been possible thanks to the photogrammetric restoration technique using drones, which allows 3D reconstruction for the analysis of the environment.

It sounds convoluted, but I will explain what it consists of and what purposes these 3D reconstructions have in addition to the recreational purpose, because the digital model generated allows the measurement of multiple parameters on it, being able to export the information in multiple formats for its exploitation and analysis to GIS or CAD type programs

In this way, in the mountains, the use of drones not only provides spectacular images, but they can also provide us with data for subsequent analysis in important aspects as safety, sustainability,  environment or local atmospheric phenomena.

– Analysis of the erosion generated by the human presence in base camps

– Presence of garbage and even possibility of volumetric measurement of it to determine mitigation and elimination measures

– Observation and measurements of seracs movements dangerous for climbers

– Glaciers observation and measurements, for the evaluation of their retreat or loss of mass due to climate change and human impact on them.

– 3d audiovisual content realization, for interaction , base camp virtual tours or interesting ascent areas tours. In this way, a more real immersion in climber’s daily life and in the expedition is achieved, and also to get the audience closer in a more realistic way, without having to submit to the risks of expeditions to Himalayas.

ManasluEki BC Reconstruction in 3D using drones