Sherpas are, without any doubt, essential protagonists in all our expeditions in the Himalayas. Without them, it would be impossible for us to face challenges we purpose . Of course, Manaslu-EKI is no exception. They’re having a very important part in equipping the new route we are opening.

I would like, first of all, to thank this group that has suffered so much from the pandemic generated by COVID-19. The restrictions due to epidemiological situation around the world have stopped the majority of expeditions scheduled for this year . As you well know, also for us it’s been really hard to travel to Nepal. We sweated a lot to be able to organize everything, get all the papers the local authorities demanded us and, finally, spend a quarantine that delayed all our plans. As I told you, all these complications have made many people decide not to come this winter.

All these Sherpas live largely off people like us and tourists. Their main sustenance is expeditions and in 2020-2021 there have hardly been any. I was talking to you in another recent post about what several people told us during the trek to base camp: “you are one of the very few foreigners we have seen in recent months. Very few people have come since March and that for us is devastating ”. A heartbreaking message that makes us very sorry. We hope the situation changes as soon as possible and these people, like those of this entire region, will once again have a reliable income so that they can live in the most dignified way possible.

Having said all this, I would like to tell you about three Sherpas who are accompanying us on this adventure: Chhepal Sherpa, Kalden Sherpa and Namja Sherpa. Three wonderful people who are also magnificent professionals. Honestly, without their help and experience, all this we are experiencing would not have been possible. Namaste!

Cheppal Sherpa is the one who has been with us the longest. Since we tried to ascend Everest in winter, it has accompanied us on all our expeditions. He is the oldest of all and does the work of leader of the Sherpa team. He is a spectacular person, kind and polite. But above all, he is a machine in the mountains. His experience is fundamental to us and he works hard. The truth is that he leaves no one indifferent. Everyone who knows him I am sure will remember him all his life.

Kalden Sherpa started with us last year at Ama Dablam (the main peak is 6,812 meters above sea level). He is a very strong and daring person. A man of few words, one of those who find it difficult to get out what he has inside but, once you establish a relationship with him, he is a very nice and close person. If I had to highlight something about him, I would say he is very willing, that he never spare efforts. He has no problems working and that is very much appreciated when the moment of truth arrives.

The last of the protagonists is Namja Sherpa, a new member we have incorporated this time. Without a doubt, another ‘machine’. What has impressed me the most is his physical strength. He is very strong. My friend Lur, whom I send a greeting from here and who had to leave the adventure earlier than we would have liked, was scared by his ability: “how this guy works, Alex. He has an incredible physical shape ”. He may know something about all this too. Welcome to the team, Namja, and a big thank you to all of you.