One more winter, here I am, in Nepal. For the third year in a row, I am going to try again to crown the eighth highest mountain on the planet with 8,163 meters: MANASLU.

I am very nervous, but something tells me that this year will be different. I feel stronger than ever, I have never been so motivated. During the two previous winters I have learned a lot from this mountain and here I am again, accompanied by a great team, to achieve this dream.

I have been acclimatizing in the wonderful environment of the Himalayas for more than a month…

On November 24, I started a new adventure, a new trek to Makalu Base Camp with a group from the IƱaki Ochoa de Olza Foundation – SOS Himalaya. An extremely enriching experience in which I have been able, once again, to enjoy the magic of this country and its people. Without a doubt, this place catches you from the first time you set foot in it.

Along the way, we have made countless stops. Kunghma and Seduwa are just two of the towns we have visited, some captivating places, no matter how many times you return. There, everyone always welcomes us with a big smile; their looks full of tenderness, that brightness… These people give everything without expecting anything in return… I always feel that I am indebted to them.

And after reaching our objective of the Makalu Base Camp, we returned to Kathmandu to repack our backpacks and embark on a beautiful madness in the most positive sense of the word: reach Everest Base Camp with my friend from Zalla Javier Lopez, who has cerebral palsy. Javier… an example of overcoming. A man who is a friend of his friends, always ready to lend a hand, the type of companion that we all want by our side. With him there has been no lack of laughter and good times. Impossible to explain in words all that he has taught me!

And how could it be otherwise, whenever I’m in the area, there’s something I can’t miss, a mandatory stop: Lukla. A small town where one of the people who have taught me the most in my personal and professional life lives. This is Pasang Themba, a climber who crowned Everest on May 14, 1980, with Martin Zabaleta. A great climber, and a better person. But during the visit something that I did not expect happened. I witnessed Pasang’s hearing problems, so without hesitation I encouraged him to come down to Kathmandu with us to see a doctor. Finally, they have put some hearing aids that have given him back his smile and the desire to live. He is so happy that he has decided to accompany me for a week to my last challenge of the year that I have just started.

In short, two treks full of experiences, sensations and emotions that have helped me to recharge my batteries, to focus on the mountain and also, it must be said, to acclimatize. And for that, I hope that the third time is the charm.

Wish me good luck!