We left the base camp on December 23, and, to tell the truth, we did it without a clear objective, just to continue working. When we left BC, around 10:00 A.M., my backpack was closer to 30 kilograms than 25 kilograms. But I started to remember what we did in 2010, with the Alfilo team, then led by Edurne Pasaban. It made me go out in a daze, remembering what was undoubtedly my best spring, with the Annapurna and Shisha Pagma double a month later!

Before 15:00 p.m. we were at C1, at 5,150 meters, and with more than 1,000 meters of positive vertical drop.

We spent two nights at C1, as we took the opportunity to mark the entire route of the glacier crossing with bamboo flags. In the meantime, we spent Christmas Eve having rice with lentils for dinner, and we really had a great time.

Yesterday, December 25, we went out in two different groups, again carrying another 25 kilograms. We set up the C2 at about 5,600 meters, although I admit that I do not like this camp very much. This kind of location on a slope invites you to think about it all night long, until you get used to it.

Today, I left the tent at 7:30 a.m. and, after organizing the whole team, we headed up in strong gusts of wind. The gusts, fortunately, were not constant. We set off with 1,200 meters of rope, gear, two snowbound tents and three tents to set up at C3.

As I said at the beginning, we have spent four days and three nights at altitude, in which the team, composed of eight people, had to make a superhuman effort, carrying and equipping the route to C3. Thus, we now have the key to attempt the summit.

If we had been told when we arrived at BC on December 22nd that four days later we would be able to reach the C3, we would not have believed it, and we still don’t believe it. The weather has also helped us, but the truth is that nothing has been given to us. And I emphasize that, four days after the beginning of the astronomical winter, the fact that we are in C3 is very good news.

The problem we already know what it is: as all these years ago, as soon as the mountain says no, it will be no. In the meantime, we will enjoy all that we have to offer. In the meantime we will enjoy everything we are doing.

Thank you very much for your support. Here we continue with our motivation through the roof. We will be heading up again in a couple of days.