Alex Txikon on his way to Base Camp, to reach the top of K2 in winter and be the first to obtain it. The mountaineer from Bizkaia and his team are already in Askole, at 3,040 meters above sea level, in the heart of Karakorum. K2 (8,611m), is the second highest mountain in the world located in the Karakorum mountain range, specifically between Pakistan and China. It is considered as “the last problem of the Himalayas”, since no one has yet managed to climb it in winter. From Askole, at 3,040 meters above sea level, we will enter the Baltoro glacier, a spectacular and hidden glacial valley that will take us up to 5,000 meters above sea level, which will be our home for the next winter months, Base Camp. from K2. From there, we will take material to the altitude camps and the first of them will be the Advanced Base Camp, which we will set up about 300 meters above Base. This year, in addition, for the first time, we will build igloos to be able to sleep and rest better. Since in this way we will have more energy and oxygen to be able to work hard in the mountains. Finally, they will arrive at the first, second, third and fourth altitude fields to reach the unusual winter peak of K2 (8,611 m).