I reach the Annapurna summit (8,091m) and repeat the summit at Shisha Pangma (8,027m), this time by the Northwest Route.

In May of that year, Edurne Pasaban completed her project '14 x 8,000' and I began my solo journey with the aim of experimenting with new ways of mountaineering.


I try to reach Kangchenjunga (8,586m) on the southern slope and reach 8,450m. I repeat in the ShishaPangma (8,027m) where I reach 6,200m.


I join Edurne Pasaban's '14 x 8,000' project, whose goal was to become the first woman to climb 14 eight-thousanders. I combine it with my collaboration with the television program 'Al Filo de los Imposible' as a high-altitude cameraman and mountaineer. That year I summited Dhaulagiri (8,167m) and Manaslu (8,163m).


I return to Shisha Pangma (8,027 m) and summit in an alpine-style ascent of the British Route (SW face).


Expedition to Antarctica: we summit Mount Scott (880m).

We open a new route to Shackelton Peak (1,465m) and reach the summit. We summit the Pico Virgen Wandell (2,397m). And in autumn, I reach the 7,800m Shisha Pangma (8,027m) in alpine style on the British Route (SW face).


I became part of the team of the television program 'Al Filo de lo Imposible', in which I collaborated as a high-altitude cameraman and mountaineer in the following years. That year she returned to Makalu (8,463m).


The following year I added two more summits of more than 8,000 meters to my credit: Makalu (8,463m) and Cho Oyu (8,201m). I also reached 7,400m on K2 (8,611m) on Ruta Cessen.


Summit at Broad Peak (8,047m).


My first expedition. I went to the Cordillera, of the Pamirs in Central Asia and I launched two attempts to Communism Peak (7,495m) exceeding 7,100m on both occasions. I also tried Korzhenenevskiy Peak (7105m) and summited Boroviev Peak (5691m) and Chetyrek (6400m).


Before I was 17 years old, I made my first trip to the Alps, climbed my first difficult routes and reached my first peaks of more than 4,000 meters. From that year I got into high-level mountaineering.